Digital PR metrics to track to show your value

The challenge of how to measure PR value has plagued the industry for years. As a discipline that deals in brand and reputation, we often have few solid metrics to work with. Unlike more direct forms of marketing, you can’t easily work out who’s seen what, how they felt about it or most crucially, whether they took any action as a result.

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Raising your brand through thought leadership

Embark on a PR campaign and chances are you’ll hear the word ‘thought leadership’ thrown into conversation before too long. And if you’re not acquainted with the term, it probably sounds like yet more annoying and unnecessary business jargon. However, it’s actually a more esoteric (and nobler!) concept than that.  

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Expert insights from our influencer marketing masterclass

Influencer marketing is on the rise globally and for good reasons. Between the launch of the GDPR adding customer communication barriers and nearly 90% of consumers trusting online peer reviews more than traditional advertising, it’s no wonder marketers are looking at external influencers for a direct line to customers.

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