News | 31 Mar 2015

This is the dawn of freelancers

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With a seismic shift in the employment landscape, companies and freelancers alike require new ways of thinking and recruiting. Businesses strive for agility and freelancing has become a career option.

Alice Weightman, MD of Hanson Search, spied a gap in the market and ten months later, she’s delighted to announce the launch of The Work Crowd – an online portal connecting talented individuals and businesses that need short-term specialists:

“We’ve just launched and already have a fantastic team of 550 freelancers in communications - and growing daily. Clients value The Work Crowd because it’s a cost-effective, direct means of tapping into a wider pool of vetted freelancers. Businesses want to become more agile but often struggle to find and effectively manage freelancers within their existing structures. The Work Crowd is the solution. It uses intuitive algorithms to source suitable talent and provides a tool to manage projects efficiently.”

Traditional work habits are dying out as a whole new generation of professionals opt for self-employment rather than corporate career paths. We spoke to HR Magazine to discuss this growing trend and what it means for businesses. As more and more reject the idea of working one’s way up the ladder in favour of freelancing for multiple clients, in-house talent pools dwindle and businesses have to adapt. But is this a bad thing? Salary budgets can be reshuffled to bring in specialists on a project-by-project basis and access skills they wouldn’t regularly be able to afford on a permanent basis.

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