Article | 30 Jan 2023

What To Expect In 2023: Freelancer Edition

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Knowing how the market is going to look this year isn't exactly like looking into a crystal ball, particularly given the last few years.

Fortunately for us, we're not going into 2023 blind. With our key findings and insights from 2022, as well as market and industry research, there are a fair few moves we’re predicting for the year ahead.

So whether you're a new freelancer raring to go and grow your venture this year, or looking to build on last year's successes, here are our top predictions of 2023, and how you can make the best of what could be in store. 

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Top 6 Predictions For Freelancers

Prediction #1: User-generated content will dominate business’ must-haves

 Younger buyers are a lucrative market segment, with some figures suggesting that Gen Z account for around 40% of consumers - and they were raised consuming user-generated content. Instagram is still a relevant platform to boost clients’ brands and sales, but when it comes to the under 25 audience, TikTok and YouTube are king for high-performing, user-generated content.

Prediction #2: Generative Artificial Intelligence use will expand

Speaking of content, it’s time to talk about generative AI. If you’ve been on practically any digital channel lately, you’ll have seen posts and blogs on AI-created content, design and even marketing emails. 2023 is set to be a big year for the tech, so most businesses will be interested in exploring AI, or even simply commenting on it. Spend some time familiarising yourself with its capabilities, and be ready to offer your clients the right advice.

Prediction #3: Marketing needs and wants will become more complex

Audiences are becoming increasingly savvy, and your clients are seeking innovative, more personal ways of marketing to them. Reap the rewards of complex marketing demands in 2023 by expanding your skills now. Inbound and Outbound will continue to be vital, but the likes of Influencer, Partner and Affiliate Marketing could expand as brands collaborate to reach new audiences. Cause Marketing is also one to watch as a strong strategy for businesses seeking to boost their purpose and mission.

Prediction #4: Design will top business’ project specs

Graphic designers are in huge demand right now, with website, video, and UX and UI design being particularly sought after to boost streamlined brands and customer experiences. Unlike the traditional approach of content leading design, we could expect the reverse in 2023, as brands seek more innovative and intuitive design. Expand your skills and understanding to make the most of a potential boom. If you’re brand new to design work, start with the likes of Canva and simple tutorials to set you on the right path.

Prediction #5: Promoting your freelance venture will be more important

Clients will always come first, but as more freelancers enter the scene, competition is bound to heat up, making marketing your own venture and services a priority for 2023 and beyond. Create a simple-to-follow marketing strategy, and don’t underestimate the power of industry- and sector-specific PR to promote your brand. Also, make sure you’re using freelancer and contractor platforms like The Work Crowd to expand your reach and keep your info - particularly your portfolio, availability and rates - up to date.

Prediction #6: Collaborative working and freelance communities will grow

Whether you’re partnering with a professional in the same sector, or with an entirely different set of skills, be crystal clear on expectations before speaking with your client. It can be easy to let some details slide in the excitement of working together, but make sure you agree on your shared approach, who will own responsibility for each task and action, how the invoice will be split etc. You'll thank yourselves later.

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