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10 Reasons to hire a professional copywriter with the right expertise

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Written communications are a vital part of any business, particularly in the digital age. Websites, blogs, email marketing, product copy: there are a whole host of areas where you need some good old-fashioned words to engage your audiences. 

And that usually means hiring a professional copywriter.But, with thousands upon thousands of copywriting professionals out there, choosing the right one can be a minefield. It’s fair to say, copywriting costs are a bit ‘how long is a piece of string’. You can find writers charging almost any amount of money, ranging from $10 an article (dubious) to hundreds or even thousands of pounds for something very specialist.

If you’re short on funds, it can therefore be tempting to go for the ‘cheap as chips’ option, particularly if you’re looking to give a quick boost to your content strategy. But it’s worth remembering that, in the long-run, cheap usually ends up costing you more, due to poor quality work that doesn’t meet your needs or objectives.

Here are 10 reasons why it’s worth upping your investment to secure a copywriter who has the right expertise and experience for your needs:

  1. Tone of voice: A carefully crafted tone of voice helps to express your brand values and personality. A good copywriter can advise you on developing the right style and ensure this comes through consistently in your written communications.   
  2. Subject expertise and experience: Most experienced copywriters specialise in certain type of writing or a certain industry. That means they know what works and what doesn’t and will write more insightful and knowledgeable copy.
  3. Research skills: Creating intelligent and interesting content requires both the time and skills do thorough research around the topic and your business. An experienced copywriter will know the value this adds and how to identify the best sources of information.
  4. SEO awareness: Copywriting and content are closely tied to your SEO efforts and boosting your ranking on Google. Investing in an expert wordsmith will ensure your content and copy are crafted in a way that appeals to those all-powerful search engines.    
  5. Right first time: Multiple rounds of revisions cost you valuable time and are a sign that your copywriter isn’t up to scratch. While it’s normal to have one or two rounds of changes, a writer worth their salt will aim to deliver perfect prose first time round.    
  6. Creativity: Writing engaging content that delivers results requires creativity, whether that’s in developing original themes and topics or finding a neat way of expressing complicated ideas. So, if you want to avoid the humdrum, it’s worth paying a bit more.
  7. Strategic guidance: Same goes for strategic advice around your copywriting and content marketing needs. There is no substitute for the insights that come from experience.
  8. Going above and beyond: A true professional knows the value of going the extra mile, whether that’s interviewing your spokespeople, coming to see your team in action, or staying late to get a project finished. Good service is worth the investment.   
  9. Fast turnaround: Many years of writing mean professional scribes also work extremely efficiently, with a good knowledge of how long certain activities take and a knack for hitting deadlines. So, you can be confident your timeline will stay on track.
  10. But never rushed: Bargain basement copy can only mean one thing – a rushed job. By setting a decent budget, you’ll ensure your writer can dedicate the time required to the thinking, creativity and expert editing necessary to deliver copy that you’ll love.

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