Event | 26 Oct 2022

The Changing Role of the CMO for Start-ups and Scales Ups

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On the 26th October The Work Crowd co-hosted a panel event with sister company Hanson Search to discuss The Changing Role of the CMO for Start-ups and Scales Ups.

In a world progressively focussed towards technology, digitisation and the delivery of a curated customer experience, the role of the CMO is both increasingly demanding and critical to business success. The nature of marketing has evolved so radically in recent years and continues to do so at a rapid pace, the people at its helm must adapt too. So, what does that mean for those in charge and for businesses hiring?

Chaired by The Work Crowd co-founder Madeleine Weightman, the panel of experts discussed:  

  • The evolution of the CMO role
  • CMO or CCO or CDO – what should a business hire and what is the difference
  • Benefits of CMO
  • Creativity v data
  • Freelance, Full-time or Agency?

Feel free to view the recording here for all the insights and key take-aways discussed.

Meet the panel:

  • Quentin Poiraud – CMO, Betao AB

Quentin has an MBA in marketing management and is currently the CMO of Amarirs Groupe, which provides accounting expertise and various services to businesses Internationally. Prior to this, he was CMO at Betao AB, a Swedish-French tech company. Quentin has worked with numerous international tech start-ups and scale-ups helping to support them scale and build their brands. 

  • Jadis Tillery – Interim CMO

Jadis is an interim CMO and consultant who works with high-growth companies from Private Equity, Venture Capital to companies seeking Series A or Series B funding. Passionate about the power of digital media and the consumer, she combines strategic vision with leading edge technology to transform businesses and digital customer experiences.

  • Sophia Ahrel – Marketing & Brand Strategist

Sophia is a chartered marketer, fractional CMO and growth strategist and can do it all in six languages! For over 20 years she has worked with PE and VC backed fast growth tech ventures , founders, and CEOs of some of the fastest growing unicorns in the world including SKYPE & Spotify. A behavioural economist, linguist and nomad she spends time between her native Stockholm, London & Amsterdam. 

About Hanson Search:

An award-winning international executive search consultancy specialising in marketing and communications. At our offices in London, Paris, US and Dubai, our team of expert consultants source the best talent globally – from PR pros to digital marketing experts and beyond.

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