Event | 25 Feb 2022

Demystifying Value and Project-Based Pricing: Get More With Less

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On 25th February The Work Crowd hosted a webinar to discuss everything you need to know about value and project-based pricing.

Time-based pricing is the common pricing strategy adopted by freelancers. Although this allows clients to easily compare contractors pricing, it has many pitfalls for both parties:

  • The faster and better you work, the less you get paid.
  • The client will hesitate to call you if they have a problem, because they automatically know it will take more time and hence more money.
  • The only way you can increase revenue, is to increase your hourly rate, and there is always someone willing to offer the same service for less.

Value or project-based pricing is a strategy that allows freelancers to price services based on both deliverables and the value these will bring to your client. The Work Crowd are advocates of this type of pricing, and are beginning to see many clients and freelancers benefit from these models.

In this webinar our co-founder Alice Weightman sits in conversation with co-founder Madeleine Weightman, veteran freelancer Mel Fitzsimmons and Matt Phillips, Founder & CEO of PPR agency, to discuss both project and value-based pricing models, their pros and cons, and how to incorporate these types of pricing strategies in both client briefs and proposals.  

Feel free to view the recording here for all the insights and key take-aways discussed.

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