Event | 11 Jul 2023

GCC: How Businesses are Scaling in Today's Environment

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The United Arab Emirates (UAE) and the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries have emerged as dynamic startup and scale-up ecosystems, offering rapid growth opportunities for businesses. These regions boast a diverse workforce, strong support for entrepreneurship, a thriving investment community, and high levels of technology adoption, fostering remarkable business growth. The UAE, often referred to as the "Silicon Valley of the Middle East," stands out as a hub for innovation and entrepreneurship.

On July 11th, we hosted an insightful discussion on scaling businesses in today's environment. The event was chaired by Nivine Afiouni, Geopolitics, Global Public Affairs & Media Advisor. With a 20-year career spanning international reporting, international relations, governmental affairs, and public reputation management, Nivine brought her expertise and insights to guide the discussion.

During the event, our expert panel delved into the following key topics:

- Finding Talent for Sustainable Growth: The panel discussed effective strategies for attracting and retaining the right talent necessary for scaling businesses.

- Leveraging Freelancers: The discussion explored the potential benefits and considerations when collaborating with freelancers, offering insights into optimal approaches for collaboration.

- Emiratisation and Employee Engagement: The panelists shared strategies for Emiratisation, ensuring the active engagement and development of the local workforce, fostering sustainable growth.

- Exploring New Markets: The discussion focused on expanding into new markets, with a specific emphasis on Saudi Arabia as a significant opportunity for businesses in the region.

- Overcoming Barriers to Growth: The panel identified common challenges businesses face when scaling and provided effective strategies to overcome them, drawing from their extensive experience.

For those who missed the live event, a recording of the discussion is now available. 

Our panelists brought diverse expertise and deep industry knowledge to the discussion:

Imad Lahad - Managing Director at APCO Worldwide: Imad Lahad is a renowned innovator and disruptor in the field of communications. As the Managing Director of APCO Worldwide's Dubai office and co-lead of APCO's global Digital Practice, he harnesses emerging technologies to elevate communication and storytelling strategies.

Latifah RahmDel - VP of Mawja: Latifah RahmDel is an experienced communications professional, having worked with prominent organizations such as Edelman and the Education and Human Resources Council. Her wealth of expertise provided valuable insights to the discussion.

Felice Hurst - GCC Advisor to The Work Crowd and MD of Hanson Search MENA: Felice Hurst has extensive experience in executive search across the MENA region, specializing in strategic communication and marketing. She advises The Work Crowd, a global network of freelancers and consultants in the marketing space, on its GCC operations.

Tom Morf - CEO and Co-Founder, Aramedes Ltd.: Tom Morf is a distinguished executive and entrepreneur, leading Aramedes Ltd., a Swiss watch brand with patented technology. With his expertise in corporate strategy, brand development, and global expansion, he provided valuable insights into scaling businesses.

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