Event | 09 Jun 2020

PRCA & The Work Crowd Virtual Event: Maximising your social media during & post times of crisis

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In case you missed it, you can find the key take-aways and highlights discussed on our blog here.

The Work Crowd and the PRCA  have teamed up to host a webinar panel discussion to talk about how you can leverage social media communication on behalf of your clients to effectively engage with customers, during and post times of crisis as well as how to build your own personal brand to extend your network and win new clients.

Event Overview:

On the panel we have explored the importance of tone and approach during uncertain times, ensuring empathetic communication but also consistent engagement with your audience. To support this, we were looking at content creation, what to share and how to digitally distribute it to ensure your brand's message is reaching your target audience. We have also discussed the benefits of building a strong personal online presence and looking at ways you can optimise social media to benefit both your clients, but your own personal brand. Lastly, we were looking at current trends , as well as what we anticipate future trends to be, particularly addressing key areas that have proven successful with brands when it comes to staying connected with their customers during this time.

This webinar discussion was chaired by The Work Crowd CEO Alice Weightman, Chairman of the PRCA Independent Consultants group.

The Panellists:

Alice Weightman - CEO and founder of both The Work Crowd and Hanson Search, Alice is a serial entrepreneur. Working now as a talent partner for the Communications and marketing industry, she has developed an incredible network globally.

Douglas Adams - Third Bridge Social Media Manager and ex freelancer, Douglas Adams, is a Data-driven digital specialist. With expertise across Social Media and Community Management, PPC and copywriting, he has a vast level of expertise when it comes to driving traffic to a brand or business.

Natalie Grover - A highly valued freelance member of The Work Crowd network, Natalie is a multi-skilled Senior Content & Social Media Strategist/Producer.  A specialist across many sectors including mental health, wellbeing, beauty, fitness, tech and design, Natalie has a proven record when it comes to versatility and adaptability when freelancing with a variety of clients.

Feel free to view the recording here for all the insights and key take-aways discussed.

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