Event | 26 May 2023

Sustainability Made International: How Brands Can Drive Global Impact

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In 2023, achieving sustainability goals is one of the biggest determining factors to a brand’s success. Businesses are facing demand to meet global regulations, the need to implement meaningful sustainability strategies, and appeal to ethically conscious consumers - all while remaining commercially competitive.

So as globalisation increases, how can brands expand their sustainability impact worldwide? Can the role of PR and communications raise the benchmark for social responsibility? And how do businesses make a mark amidst economic and political disruptions?

On 26th May, we co-hosted a virtual panel event with sister company Hanson Search on Sustainability Made International: How Brands Can Drive Global Impact.

Chaired by Alice Weightman, CEO at Hanson Search and co-founder of The Work Crowd, our panel of experts include Ryan Menezies, Freelance Sustainability Professional, Iain Patton, Director and Strategic Communications Consultant at Ethical Team PR, and Edurne Gil de San Vicente, Sustainability and Program Director at Water Alliance UAE.

We explored the following:

  • ways brands can amplify their global impact, individually and collectively
  • ‘green-washing’ and ‘green-hushing’, and tackling scrutiny
  • sustainability’s commercial impact
  • how global initiatives like B Corps could make a difference
  • setting, measuring and achieving sustainability targets in 2023

Feel free to view the recording for all the insights and key take-aways discussed. 

Meet the panel:

Ryan Menezies - Freelance Sustainability Professional

Ryan has experience working across a variety of industries, including mining, construction, and professional services. With a keen interest in creating executable sustainability strategies, Ryan has specialist knowledge of whole lifecycle assessments, carbon reporting and net-zero construction, and has worked with Coreus Group, Cala Homes, and Eight Associates. Ryan is focused on decoupling growth from excessive natural capital use.

Iain Patton - Director and Strategic Communications Consultant at Ethical Team PR

Iain is noted for amplifying compelling and often complex climate-related, sustainability and human rights stories for international purpose-driven brands and organisations, including Better Cotton, the Rainforest Alliance, Preventing Pandemics at the Source, Conservation without Borders, Green Purposes Company and Growing Families. He helps create global conversations for action by maximising earned editorial and thought leadership opportunities in top-tier media, thus assisting clients in communicating their authentic brand story while championing social equity and environmental balance. Iain also founded the International Green Awards.

Edurne Gil de San Vicente - Sustainability and Program Director at Water Alliance UAE

A cross-sectors sustainability professional, acting as a change catalyser with over 15 years of international experience driving forward sustainability agendas, engaging positively and effectively with stakeholders, and adding value to organisations in terms of narrative and impact. Edurne has taken roles both in nonprofit and private organisations involving a wide range of responsibilities in the fields of Advocacy, CSR, and Environmental Sustainability. 

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