Event | 13 Apr 2021

TWC & PRCA Webinar: The Rise of the Independent Consultant

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The Work Crowd & PRCA hosted a panel event to discuss 'The Rise of the Independent Consultant and the benefits of collaborating'.

Recently there has been a huge rise in freelancers building out their own micro-consultancies and it’s fantastic to see just how beneficial and rewarding it has been for their career growth. In this event we spoke with Rod Cartwright and Alison Shadrack, two pros who have completely disrupted the PR space and built their own consultancies to support a vast variety of businesses.

On the panel we discussed the following:

  • Future trends
  • Integrating freelancers into your team
  • Setting up your own consultancy
  • The impact on agency models
  • Ways in which freelance implementation can optimise your businesses growth

Feel free to view the recording here for all the insights and key take-aways discussed.

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