Event | 19 May 2022

What is modern PR in 2022?

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On May 19th The Work Crowd hosted a panel event to discuss what is modern PR in 2022. Is coverage now less of a priority and content creation more important? How are we measuring PR and social media activity?

The definition and value of PR is changing. Rapidly developing measurement tools with access to new data sets are accelerating the way PR professionals are measuring both PR and social media success. PR activity has become a broad definition for many types of activity. And since the pandemic, new forms of PR communication like webinars, podcasts and digital events are a new and diverse part of the PR tool-box.  

So what are PR professionals measuring now? And how well is the industry performing against AMEC's recommended evaluation framework? Who’s still using old style AVEs? Or are we getting closer to measuring Impact based KPIs? And whose doing this best? 

This webinar shines a light on key trends in PR activity and measurement. Whether you're a PR or social media freelancer, in-house team or work within an agency, this insightful webinar will show what your colleagues are sharing and what clients and stakeholders value.

Feel free to view the recording here for all the insights and key take-aways discussed.

Meet the Speakers:

In this webinar co-founder Alice Weightman sits in conversation with a panel of experts including….

Richard Benson, Co-Founder Releasd

After 3 years working across a range of clients including BP, Disney, Tesco and TalkTalk at Launch Group, Richard was appointed Managing Director at Furious, an agency focused on driving digital content for PR and founded by his future Releasd co-founder, Elliot Jacobs. In 2012 the duo co-founded Releasd. The platform was designed as a multi-layered tool for PR professionals looking to present all PR work in a visually impactful and digestible format. Unlike any other providers, Releasd showcases and celebrates the entire spectrum of PR activity  - not just coverage.

Steph Bridgeman, Founder Experienced Media Analysts

Steph is a communications measurement specialist with nearly 25 years' experience advising government departments, major corporations, NGOs and SMEs in relation to reputation. Her virtual agency, Experienced Media Analysts, provides flexible freelance insight teams to media monitoring agencies, evaluation specialists, PR agencies and media relations departments across the world.  They collate, cleanse, codify and curate media data so that organisations can better understand the outcomes and impact of their PR activities.   Steph is a board member at the International Association for the Measurement and Evaluation of Communication (AMEC), chairs its academics and educators group, is a brand ambassador for the Institute of Directors and is a frequent speaker at HE and FE institutions on the topic of communications measurement.

Nikki Alvey, Owner and Director Media Hound PR

With the passion of a news hound and a love of storytelling, Nikki is an accomplished freelance public relations professional with nearly two decades of experience (in-house, agency, freelance and contract) in B2B and B2C markets. From hands-on media relations activities through to developing and implementing corporate PR strategies, Nikki achieves terrific results for clients and has a little black book of contacts to die for – in particular across the broadcast, national, business, retail, technology and vertical market trade press. She also likes to practice what she preaches too and is a regular guest on BBC Radio Berkshire’s Coffee Club programme!

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