Freelancing has never been more popular, as experienced professionals across a wide range of sectors and skills look for a more flexible and rewarding way to work. But if you’re just at the start of your freelance journey, you may be wondering how to start a freelance business successfully?

Well, look no further, because The Work Crowd’s Ultimate Guide to Freelancing provides is the definitive A to Z on how to start freelancing. From winning your first client, to becoming established, and seeing your business – and network - flourish.

With nearly ten years’ experience matching the best freelancers with quality clients, The Work Crowd knows everything there is to know about how to start freelancing.

  • Why should you go freelance?
  • How to start a freelance business
  • Getting set up
  • Marketing your services
  • How to secure long term clients
  • Handling disputes
  • Making freelancing work for you

Want to know how to start freelancing? Then download our guide, free of charge, today, and you’ll have everything you need to begin the next phase of your career.