Interview | 21 May 2018

Understanding customers with freelance support

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Great businesses must continuously evaluate their practices to ensure they are always learning and improving. With our network over 800 client members, we’re lucky to have our very own fountain of knowledge within The Work Crowd.

This month, we spoke to Ludovic Leforestier @lludovic , Global Influence Relations Director of Criteo and Co-Founder of the Institute of Industry Analyst Relations. Criteo is a global leader in commerce marketing with over 2700 employees spread across 30 worldwide offices.  Ludovic shared with us his recent experience working on a project through The Work Crowd to better understand their consumers’ behaviour and define engagement strategies.

Ludovic, tell us a little about Criteo.

Criteo is a commerce marketing ecosystem. In other words, it’s an open, secure, transparent, and fair environment where retailers, brands, and publishers collaborate to put data into action at every point of the purchase journey.

Criteo was founded by a small group at a startup incubator in Paris. Since then, it has transformed into a global leader in commerce marketing. After setting up our analyst relations (AR) programme, we’re extending to cover other types of B2B influencers.

What are the key business objectives of your brief?

The first objective is to map out the influencer landscape, to understand who is actually impacting our clients as opposed to just surfacing the noisiest on some social media channels. Next, we’ll define engagement strategies, prioritise, and progress into our journey.

Why did you seek freelance support to solve this problem? And why The Work Crowd in particular?

I needed a safe and experienced pair of hands to carry out the initial identification. It had to be someone who could get up and running very quickly.

The Work Crowd was extremely fast and efficient at getting me in touch with the right person, as well as a few more options to choose from.

You’ve chosen to work with our freelance CMO, Marc. What are you working with him on?

Marc is helping us map B2B influencers who are actually impacting our target market. He is a great guy, very proactive, and we’re well-aligned on the approach.

Marc has extensive expertise across marketing communications. Read Marc’s story here.

Ludovic had this to say about his experience on The Work Crowd platform:

"I’ve had a good experience sourcing a freelancer using TWC. The platform is user-friendly and allowed me to receive several profiles and arrange three calls very quickly"

If you’re looking to scale your business and hit specific targets like Ludovic, get in touch with our team.  

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