Article | 19 Dec 2014

Kill it on your CV, Tips and Advice

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The average time spent on a CV is 6 seconds. For 91% of hiring managers a logical order to your CV is the top thing they look for. They want to see that you have ordered the content according to relevancy to the position.

Secondly, they want an easy-to-read word document that will not take them too long to read. They want to be able to glace at it and know what you do and they defiantly do not want to read CV of more than 2 pages in length.

Kill-it-on-your-CV-new-design The biggest turn-offs for hiring managers are: 

  1. Spelling and Grammar – 50% consider it the #1 application turn-off
  2. Lack of skill – 25% say skill shortage is the key issue
  3. No cover letter – 4/10 would disregard an application that does not include a cover letter
  4. Poor formatting – the 3rd major application turn off

Top phrases to avoid

I enjoy socialising with friends

  • everyone enjoys socialising so don't state the obvious - try and think of what makes you stand out and original.

Good team player

  • you might think that this is what they want to see but how do they know it's true? Just because you have written that you are a good team player does not prove that you are. Better to give examples of projects you have worked on or teams you have worked in that prove that you are a good team player. Include results and say how you contributed to the team.

I enjoy the cinema...

    - too generic and again everyone enjoys the cinema - by all means go into detail of a particular genre if it is unusual enough or you think it is relevant for this particular project - if not leave it out.

Fourth biggest turn off is CV being ‘too generic’ and ‘not tailored for the job.' Make sure you read any briefs very carefully and make your application relevant.


  • Tailor your cover letter to the position
  • Ask someone to read it for you
  • Quantify with real examples
  • Follow up your application with a call (by email and phone) – 82% of hiring managers said that this reflects well on a candidate


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