Event | 27 May 2021

Find Your Growth Marketing Formula

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Find a growth marketing formula that works for you and your business

Lucky breaks and serendipity are great but how can you use marketing to turn winning new work into an approach that feels more like science than winging it?

Whether you are a director of a huge organisation, a founder of a startup or a freelancer – nailing down your unique marketing formula for reaching clients and generating business, is key.

Your growth marketing formula is a way to make business wins more repeatable, scalable and sustainable, and in this short lunchtime session, Elizabeth Lichten (on-demand marketer and brand strategist, and founder of Pink Mingo) will go through:

  • Getting to your growth marketing formula
  • Implementing a simple marketing plan
  • How to keep focused on what’s important
  • 90 day planning take away

This workshop will be really useful for anyone responsible for the growth of their organisation: marketing directors, seasoned founders, budding entrepreneurs and freelancers, or sector partners.

Date: 27th May 2021

Time: 12.00 pm BST

Sign up for the workshop here: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/find-your-growth-marketing-formula-tickets-152076515953

About Elizabeth:

Elizabeth Lichten is an on-demand marketer and brand strategist, and founder of Pink Mingo.

She works independently, and with a trusty band of agencies and freelancers, to support great clients worldwide. In practice that looks like anything from fulfilling short-term Interim Marketing Director roles and retained CMO engagements, to delivering one-off campaign and investment strategies that generate growth or messaging that cuts through the noise.

Her career spans Technology, Financial Services, Healthcare, the Built Environment, Wellness, Travel, Space and Defence. She is also embedded in the vibrant world of startups – helping founders determine and fund their path forward.