Event | 22 Jun 2022

How to be a happy freelancer

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On 22nd June The Work Crowd hosted the final webinar of our event series celebrating the launch of our upcoming booklet: The Ultimate Guide to Freelancing. 

On the face of it, freelancing seems like a mental health dream. However, lack of security and structure, feeling isolated or even just a heavy workload can all take a toll on your mental health as a freelancer. In this ‘round table’ event, we are joined by members from The Work Crowd freelance community to discuss ‘How to be a happy freelancer’

Chaired by The Work Crowd’s Customer Success Manager Cameron Hartwell, our freelance panel includes: Lala Cooper - Content & Communications Consultant and Adam Fresco - PR, Crisis management & Media Training Expert.

Discussion topics: 

  • Managing mental health 
  • Holiday-ing guilt-free
  • Career development 
  • Preparing for times of uncertainty

Feel free to view the recording here for all the insights and key take-aways discussed.

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Our Freelance Booklet is now ready to download, you can download it from here.