Event | 30 Apr 2021

How to set meaningful career goals...and stick to them!

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As we navigate the easing of lockdown restrictions and look towards 're-entry', we'll no doubt be looking at what the future holds in terms of our careers.

The Work Crowd is offering our members a goal setting workshop led by Kathryn McAuley, which will enable you to carve your own career roadmap by visualising what you want your career to look like, how to set goals and prevent obstacles. Kathryn will also be providing six invaluable tips to help you stay on track. Everyone who attends the workshop will be given worksheets to take away in order that they can perform a 360 assessment of goals in all life aspects, in their own time.

Date: 30th April 2021

Time: 12.00 PM BST

*This event is only open to The Work Crowd members.
To sign up for this workshop you will need to be registered on The Work Crowd platform. HERE: https://theworkcrowd.com/register-freelancer
. O
nce registered you will receive a link to join the workshop.


A bit of background on Kathryn:

Kathryn is an independent Senior PR consultant/publicist with over 18 years experience in consumer lifestyle PR, working predominantly on global health & fitness clients such as Virgin Active and Zumba Fitness. Kathryn's areas of expertise include publicity, launch campaigns, media & influencer strategy, brand partnerships and new business across wellness, lifestyle and beauty brands. 

As well as PR Kathryn is a career & life coach. As the Curation Coach, she works with solopreneurs & freelancers to carve the career roadmap they desire and deserve. For more info see:  www.curationcoach.com 

Some testimonials from previous workshops:

"Kathryn's workshop is a brilliant opportunity to provide the space and framework to focus on you and your goals. It's amazing how much ground is covered in the hour long session which I found to be incredibly productive and enjoyable." Emma - TV Exec - Oxfordshire

"I wasn’t sure if I needed to attend the workshop, but it’s the most constructive thing I have done during lockdown. The workshop really helped me start to change my mindset as I travel slowly out of lockdown. Just spending one hour will help to connect to the things that are really important. It helps you analyse what changes need to be implemented. It will also give you the tools to make it happen. Have a notepad handy and ENJOY." Kevin - Fitness Instructor - London

"Kathryn's guidance and input came to me at the right time, when I needed it most. On one hand I was happy in my job. On another I was sitting in limbo, not going anywhere, fearing change and afraid of being led by ambition. She gave me clarity, confidence and guidance. Both from workshops and one-on-one sessions, Kathryn has experience along with interest and support through the important journeys and decisions you're going through. I couldn't have taken the leap forward without her."

Laura - PR Director - London