Event | 23 May 2019

EVENT: The Creativity in Data - The winning formula

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PR and Communications are frequently seen as all about ‘big ideas’. But increasingly, it’s being recognised that to develop a big idea that’s really going to have an impact, it’s not just about creativity.

Now, the winning formula is creativity + data. Of course, data has always played a role in the creative process, but historically through a more ‘rear view’ measurement of past behaviours. However, with technology advancing and predictive analytics utilising newly available data, the data we have access to is more forward-looking than ever.

The ability to synthesise these insights is super-powering strategic planning for businesses, but it’s definitely not just the boardroom who should be interested in ‘running the numbers’. Maths and data may not be seen as natural bedfellows of storytelling and creation, but have we been underestimating the power of creativity in data? Ultimately, is data a friend or foe to the creative process?

These are the questions we’ll be debating on the 23rd May, when Alice Weightman CMPRCA, CEO of The Work Crowd, Hanson Search and Chairman of the PRCA Independent Consultant’s Group will lead a panel discussion on ‘The Creativity in Data’.

An expert panel will discuss and debate topics including:

  • Effectively building ‘creative data’ to inform the comms process
  • Achieving the right balance between insights and instincts
  • Measuring the right data
  • Using data to speak a common language and grab attention from decision makers

Speakers include:

  • Ged Carroll, Independent Creative Strategy Consultant:  Working in communications for over 20 years under different job titles, Ged has worked across multiple sectors and drove digital offerings at big name agencies in London and Hong Kong. All his roles have focused on developing an effective and efficient solution to a communications problem. Recently he's freelanced in strategy and planning for creative, digital and ad agencies including TRO, Evoke and Ogilvy.
  • Camilla Jenssen, Head of Planning, Brands2Life: Camilla is a planner and strategist who has been solving tricky communication problems of most shapes and sizes for over fifteen years. She has worked across three continents and with clients in most sectors.
    Her experience is broad, from developing brand and business strategy, through to integrated communications planning, advertising campaigns, sustainability communication platforms, new product and service development, digital campaigns, co-creation, brand partnerships, through to social. She has built global brand partnerships for clients like Nokia, Sony, Wallpaper Magazine and Stella Artois. Her automotive experience includes Peugot, Intersection Magazine and The Gumball Rally.

*Additional speakers to be announced shortly

Time: Networking from 6pm with panel kicking off at 6.30pm

Location: Brands2Life, 2nd Floor, Blue Fin Building, 110 Southwark Street, London SE1 0SU


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In case you missed it, you can find the key take-aways and highlights discussed on our blog here.