Event | 22 Mar 2021

Business in the UAE

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The UAE is a dynamic region replete with business opportunities, political and social diversity, and multi-cultural complexities, and is now one of most rapidly growing enterprise hubs in the world.

On the 22nd March The Work Crowd hosted a panel event delving into the opportunities within the UAE for both Businesses and Freelancers. Our industry experts discussed the emerging markets and government incentives for Start Ups and SME’s along with challenges new business are facing to access qualified pool of talent and the opportunities for freelancers in this region for both short and long-term contracts.

Felice Hurst, Managing Director (MENA) for The Work Crowd’s sister company Hanson Search chaired the panel, featuring:

  • Alice Weightman – CEO, The Work Crowd and Hanson Search
  • Ross Mclean – CEO, The Collective
  • Roberto Crosi – Managing Director, Microsoft for Startups MEA

Topics that were up for discussion:

  • Business in the UAE – emerging markets
  • Start-up economy, emerging gig economy, digital nomads
  • Ease of business in the UAE - Government initiatives and incentives
  • The challenges of accessing a flexible, contingent workforce
  • New skill demand and freelance talent opportunities

Feel free to view the recording here for all the insights and key take-aways discussed.

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