Interview | 04 Jul 2018

From Launch to Award-Winning Product

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You have an amazing product to launch to market! Having spent a huge amount of time, love and passion getting your product ready, the next challenge is how to build brand awareness, engage your potential customers and make sales!

With a small in house team, this task can seem all the more daunting. However, with the right support, you can stratospherically go from launch to an award winning product!

This month we talk to Zane, brand owner and Founder of Atlantis Skincare on how she did just this working with The Work Crowd and  Freelance Consumer PR specialist Claire!

Tell us bit about Atlantis, Zane.

I am the Founder & Brand Owner of Atlantis Skincare which is an award winning, a highly effective, natural skincare brand, free-from any irritants. All our products are lovingly hand-made in the beautiful Bath countryside and we aim to transform everyday beauty rituals into deeply therapeutic experiences. I am the formulator and founder, I create formulas and make every product.

What business objective arose that you wanted to solve?

We had been dealing with retailers and buyers in the run up to launch and we understood the importance of having a brand profile, especially in the beauty industry, which can be a very crowded sector. We decided this was the right time to officially launch the brand to beauty press and wider media, to secure coverage and endorsement, so we needed to find someone to help us with that.

Why did you seek freelance support to solve this problem, and why The Work Crowd in particular?

We’re a small brand and a small team. We wanted to source a PR expert that could work alongside us, as part of our in-house team, but without committing to an agency model, which just isn’t flexible enough for us. A freelancer seemed the best option, but when researching, we didn’t have the confidence in other freelance sites. The Work Crowd offered a professional solution and made us feel very comfortable about the entire process.

You have been working with Claire, a freelancer through the platform, what has she been working with you to achieve?

Claire helped us through the entire launch process, covering all the elements required, including drafting press material on the products and range, media targets, collating an award entry programme, sample drops, etc. On top of a more traditional PR role, Claire has also offered support in terms of retailers, which has been really helpful. We received a Beauty Shortlist award this week, for our Stretch Mark Oil, so we were delighted to be an award-winning brand in such a short space of time.  

“I found The Work Crowd a great solution for my business requirements. The process was straight-forward, the team were highly professional and really helped me to find the right candidate.” - Zane Piese, Founder of Atlantis Skincare


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