Opinion | 15 Nov 2023

Key Takeaways from PRCA MENA annual Conference and Awards, 2023 in Riyadh

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The CEO of The Work Crowd, Alice Weightman, had the privilege of attending the inaugural PRCA MENA conference and awards ceremony in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, where she was honoured to present the Best Digital Professional of the Year 2023 award. The event radiated a palpable entrepreneurial spirit, a commitment to transformation, and an eagerness for education and upskilling, all within a welcoming and friendly environment that echoed excitement about Saudi Arabia's future.

Key Insights:

1.Talent Management
Securing and retaining talent poses a significant challenge in Saudi Arabia, given the requirement for businesses to employ a minimum of 35-40% Saudi nationals. This has led to a demand for local talent that surpasses supply, resulting in retention issues. Industry leaders highlighted talent shortage as CEOs' foremost concern, exploring solutions like cultivating junior-level local talent to address this challenge. However, talent retention remains a challenge, with many professionals migrating to government-backed projects.

2. HR Functions
Discussions revealed that HR functions are still in their early stages, impacting retention, workforce planning, and employee branding. Prioritizing employee branding and talent development has become imperative. The importance of a diverse team was stressed, emphasizing cultural curiosity, particularly in international hires.

3. Communications Strategy
Effective communication is pivotal in Saudi Arabia's ongoing evolution, given significant cultural, social, and economic changes. The Kingdom is recognized as one of the biggest success stories of the 20th century, with the panel underlining the critical role of communications in narrating these success stories. The focus has shifted from reach to impact, urging in-house teams to be more accountable for their briefs.

4. Artificial Intelligence (AI)
AI emerged as the second most discussed topic, closely following talent management. Discussions explored leveraging AI for efficiency and its impact on talent acquisition. AI's prevalence in campaigns poses the challenge of maintaining authentic content. Some businesses now include AI in job specifications and employment contracts, actively encouraging its use. An intriguing debate ensued on AI regulation, with consensus leaning towards its potential necessity.

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