Event | 26 Feb 2021

IR35 reforms and what does this mean for freelancers?

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For The Work Crowd’s first #FreelanceFriday event we hosted on 26th February, we tackled the IR35 reforms coming into play and the impact this will have on freelancers come April 2021.

Sean Mackenzie, Senior Business Development Manager for Parasol Group and an IR35 whizz delivered a presentation around what changes we will see, who they will impact and what we can expect moving forward within the freelancer space. 

On the webinar we explored the following:

  • Overview and Background of IR35
  • Sharing the current rules applied to the private & public sector
  • Providing an overview of the draft legislation that will impact the private & public sector from April 2021
  • Sharing Guidance around preparation for the reforms and the key steps you should be considering and taking

Feel free to view the recording here for all the insights and key take-aways discussed.

The Work Crowd is committed to supporting the careers of the freelance community by hosting webinars and events on different industry topics. If you have any feedback around the webinar we'd love to hear from you!