30 Percent Club welcomes our founder

We are delighted that 30 Percent Club has welcomed our Founder and CEO Alice Weightman. Having long been involved in equality initiatives, particularly around gender equality at senior levels in the PR and Communications industry, this only strengthens her commitment to improving gender diversity in the higher ranks of business.

This also follows the launch of the 30% Club GCC Chapter a regional effort of multi sector leaders working regionally towards better representation of women on boards and in senior level positions.

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Top tips on how to boost your small business with PR

I am often asked whether PR is really necessary for small businesses or if it is just an extra expense that can be avoided. The truth is that PR is not just for the ‘big boys’ – indeed, it could be argued that a decent strategy for a small business is the difference between success and failure.

However, I am well aware that cost can be an issue when your fledgling business is growing.

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Can’t find the PR talent that you need?

The demand for PR and Communications talent is at an all-time high. According to the ICCO and Holmes Report latest trends, 44% of PR agencies principles cited staff recruitment as this greatest challenge for 2016. According to Hayes recruitment, in the UK 65% of marketer’s plan to increase headcount over the next 12 months, yet 82% expect there to be a skill shortage.

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How to plan for Maternity Leave

Since 65% of people entering the PR, communications and marketing services sectors are women, maternity leave is something that all agencies and in-house departments will need to plan at some stage. Bridging the gap is vital to continued business success, keeping other employees happy and a smooth return back to work!

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My Story: Why I launched the Work Crowd

I was at the height of ‘stressed me’! We were in the midst of recession, I was running a headhunting business, doing up a property and trying to be a mum of 2 young children! Yikes!!

I had dropped my children off one morning to school, it was on the rare occasion that I managed to and was about to grab my blackberry to start checking the daily email flow, when a mum caught my attention and asked if I had time for a coffee.

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New to Working with Freelancers?

Maybe you’ve never hired a freelancer. You have a big deadline looming, and you’re stressing about getting the job done on time. Everyone is suggesting you hire some freelance help, but where do you begin?

If you have any reservations or questions about working with freelancers, follow my five top tips. If executed properly, these tips will save you time, energy and undue stress, and you’ll be sure to have a great working relationship with any freelancer you hire.

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Healthcare and Sick Leave

How wise budgeting will see you through those scary times.

Continuing our ‘Future of Work’ series, I wanted to explore one of the more frightening sides of freelancing. Many people want to take the plunge and move to a self-employed status, but are reluctant to leave behind the safety and security of a full-time, salaried position.

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