Expert insights from our influencer marketing masterclass

Influencer marketing is on the rise globally and for good reasons. Between the launch of the GDPR adding customer communication barriers and nearly 90% of consumers trusting online peer reviews more than traditional advertising, it’s no wonder marketers are looking at external influencers for a direct line to customers.

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How to create the environment to thrive in a fast-growth business

Fast-growth businesses face unique challenges when it comes to scaling and growing. While other businesses have the luxury of time – time to mull over hiring choices, time to contemplate the right organisational structure, even time to build a diversity strategy – fast-growth businesses need to make decisions in a short space of time. Read more

Tapping into the Freelance Marketplace

Between technological advancements and the rising costs of living in major cities, it has never made more sense to freelance. Businesses are also getting on board with this innovative motion and taking advantage of the trend towards more flexible styles of working and utilising the freelance marketplace.

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