Mark Terry-Lush on innovation & building Chinese super brands

Mark Terry-Lush founder of Renegade Media.

Picture by Clint Randall

Mark Terry-Lush, Co-Founder and MD of The Honey Partnership,a social-led, China-inspired marketing services agency,  shares his industry insights and career moves. They have a reputation of making super brands while helping them seize opportunities to grow and globalise.
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Top tips for Web Summit 2015

With only six weeks until the Dublin Web Summit, are you and your business ready to be the best you can possibly be? Knowing what to do to get ready for Web Summit could mean the difference between meeting the right people and getting the investment your company needs or getting lost in the crowd.

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running A Company With Zero Employees?

In this age of outsourcing it’s possible to grow a business without taking on any employees. But should you? Here I outline the case for ultra-skinny businesses. I was recently asked to be part of The Future of Work agenda, where we looked at how businesses will be structured in the next ten years.

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Is Social Media a Game Changer?

Social media; The way of the world. Connecting almost anyone, anywhere at any time. With almost 2 billion users to date worldwide, it is evident that this is the largest opportunity for business marketing. Companies of all means and sizes have now jumped on board, eager to keep up and ahead with their competition.

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